To make a family

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From Angelica @ Angelica.dailycute.netI really like this icon (on the left) – it reminds me of the flowers my fiancĂ© gifted me today: pale pink, small and delicate, like his heart, like our love. :3 Gosh, I love him so much! I can’t believe we’ve been together for so many years… since kindergarten days, if I’m not mistaken. I was in kindergarten at least, and he was in primary school, as he’s two years older. Megatron is adorable, a young man of healthy views and life principles. I love him and can’t wait to make him mine forever – to marry him. My Love. <3

I found my favorite Nixon wallets at discount price and I’m all for buying 2 of them, but my mom doesn’t seem to want to give me pocket money this month. She says her pay has dropped this month, and it’ll take at least another month for it to be up to regular pay again, so no pocket money for any children. Oh well, that means I’ll have to earn the money on my own and buy when I’m ready – I only hope the sale would still be up then, and that I can also afford those Nixon belts I love so much too.

By the way, did you know one the Primes’ name is also Nixon? He came over to visit with the entire Prime family yesterday, and it was a real pleasure, trust me. Too bad I had no time to make friends or listen to family anecdotes, because I had promised Megs I would help in the Archive. I’ll get another chance, I know that. :) Also, I thought about going to visit them at their apartment, since it’s in Genzano, not very far away. I don’t think they’d be displeased: the Primes are wonderful, and anyway, that’s our Founder’s family, so… Heh. ;)

Sometimes I wonder why I need to wait to be 18 before I can make my own family with Megs… My friend Rebecca had her twins when she was 15, and even though she’s about to get married now that she’s 19, at least she was able to have her family at young age. AND she’s a human! I really can’t get why both my dad and Megs are so obsessed with age 18… I don’t feel robots should be constrained in such human-like age matters. :( I know I can have children NOW, I had a visit from dr. Firebot just one week ago. *sigh* I hope I can persuade Megs someway… I really want to be with him, forever.

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